Marsh, creator of the wiki. He's kind of quiet, I guess. Maybe this is Kawasaki-kun's chance to make it big with the ladies.

His story is only just beginning!

The Finer Details

Joined: before 23 Apr 2017

Marsh joined the Phansite in its earliest days. After creating one of the first Phansite Discords and being discovered by a group of prospective contributors, Marsh began his journey into the depths of the site. After meeting with a man named F_Igor who claimed to be Mishima himself, a long, three-week campaign for improving the site began. Then, someone in the group discovered the real Mishima. After confronting Igor with the information, he admitted he simply wanted a place to belong. Marsh, feeling largely the same way, made the Phansite Wiki a few short days later. The group, which consisted of nine Phansite users, still exists today and works to help the site administrators with any problems they might have, in addition to being good friends who post memes and other junk all day.

The wiki was raided(?) on 5/13/2017 over something about Mothman, and so Marsh was forced to deny people without accounts the ability to edit anything. The Phansite Wiki Megathread was posted and successful negotiations took place.

Marsh often posts about the Wiki on the Phansite, congratulating the users on goals such as 100 pages and encouraging them to keep making quality pages to reach the ultimate goal of 19,000. Many people consider this impossible, but given time, he can see it happening. Many Phansite Wiki Megathreads have been created, each one containing helpful information from the Wiki staff and designed to make things easier to find all in one place. These threads are usually quickly buried by posts about ramen or Principal Kobayakawa.

--Marsh88 (talk) 18:34, May 21, 2017 (UTC)


"I've been inside my own heart and it's actually just an empty Arby's restaurant playing 90's rock music on the speakers"

"Yeah but I've been practicing demon negotiation all night "

"And there's room for advancement, of course"