"Jesus, anon is a sadist" - anon

History and About

This asshole joined the Phansite on April 24, 2017, after seeing a link on Persona 5's subreddit. She immediately united with all the other shitposters, posting lewd anonymous messages, prompting several anons to freak out and cover their eyes. [I'm sorry, Soap Anon.]

She has been known as several aliases in anon chat, including Dom Anon, Masochistic MC Anon, Iwai loving anon, Sadistic Anon, and Lewd Anon (obviously). She didn't start posting on the forum as Lewd until May 14.

Her first forum account is daddy_iwai, though it's used as an alt at this point. She posts as Lewd, usually trolling the shit out of people. She enjoys conversing about nihilism, hating things, death, and kinky shit.

She's a person bored out of her mind, much like everybody else. Don't let her insults get to you. Also, feel free to roast the shit out of her :^)

The Great Roasts

The First Night of Roasts

Lewd began a thread titled "can i plz personally attack each and every one of you?" on May 15, and within hours it blew up to over 300+ posts. It was a great night filled with butthurt, tears, and some high quality roasts. Lewd had thus, promised a return. Nobody is safe now, kek.


  • Doesn't like leaving the house
  • Likes green tea (the stronger, the better)
  • A living, breathing (unfortunately) combo of Adachi and Futaba
  • Only worships Akechi Goro
  • Says "kek" too much
  • Massive cunt that enjoys playing with peoples' feelings
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Wants death ASAP
  • Needs a male harem
  • Often says shit along these lines: "go die", "kill yourself", "end your life", "i want to die", "you're fucking gay", "you're a faggot", "stop", "i'm a retard", "you're a retard", "quit being an autist", etc.
  • probably could compile a list of the top ten hottest male characters in the persona series
  • Adachi is our lord and savior
  • Discord Tag: Lewd#6372
  • Is an ass that doesn’t know common sense
  • Marsh is her daddy

Made an account to break forum rules with Hifumi’s stating “Let’s just say I was busy”